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Our team has successfully developed and delivered detailed engineering, connections calculations and fabrication drawings for erections for more than 140,000 MTon of structures with an extensive variety of typologies and uses. From small process platforms, apartments blocks to offshore platforms and bridges.

Industrial and Petrochemical

This type of structures is where we have a wider experience. We have designed connections and detailed a large variety of structures, including: warehouses, petrochemical and iron plants, pipe racks and modular construction. On these type of projects, we mainly focus on fabrication’s efficiency.


Commercial & public buildings.

Educational and Healthcare facilities, airports expansions, office blocks, sports facilities, public transport infrastructure and shopping centers are in included in our portfolio in this sector.



We have contribute to the success of the construction of a wide range of type of bridges, from small pedestrian walkways to long span cable-stayed. Without doubt the most challenging is Third Bridge over the Orinoco River.
We offer tailor made detailing projects based upon each project’s typology, the workshop capabilities, the fabrication procedures and the customers’ preferences.



We know peculiarities of this type of structures and we take pride in ourselves as we collaborate in several projects together with some of the leader companies worldwide.


Plate work

We have develop construction documents for Hoppers, Chutes, Silos, dust or ventilation Ducts and shape Transitions